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Rooted in District 1 

Janice grew up in East Petaluma on a chicken farm that is now a residential subdivision called “Cader Farms.” Janice developed her love for Petaluma and her community-oriented mindset early in her childhood. Cader Farms was a community gathering place where neighbors could pick up eggs, order fried chicken for dinner, and feed the ducks with the kids. 

Janice and her husband, Jerry Thompson, raised three daughters from their house in District 1. Before retiring, Janice worked full-time as a dental hygienist for 25 years. She was involved in her daughters' school activities and committed to community service. In addition to watching her daughters grow, Janice also saw East Petaluma grow from a series of farms into the family-oriented community it is today.

Committed to the Community

From 1998-2002, Janice served on the City Council and championed pivotal transportation and water infrastructure projects for Petaluma. She went to Washington, DC to meet with lawmakers and secured funding for the Payran Flood Control Project. She also secured $2 million for the land to build the City's Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility and the eight miles of trails that go with it. She also pushed Caltrans to build the Washington St. overcrossing’s northbound onramp; that project was dedicated in 2012.

Janice has never stopped serving Petaluma. When fires burned Sonoma County, Janice was working two shifts per day at the fairgrounds, often arriving before dawn to prepare breakfast for evacuees and then leaving after dark. 

In 2021, when residents at the Youngstown Mobile Home Park were facing astronomical rent increases, Janice helped them get their story out via her Petaluma Community Access radio show, sat through two days of arbitration, and then wrote the city council explaining the urgent need for Petaluma to update its mobile home ordinance. 

Janice has a well-known “transportation tour” on which she takes elected officials and city staff to show them the safety issues facing the community. She knows where it is unsafe to cross, where the sidewalks are unsafe for people with disabilities, and where people speed and blow through stop signs. 

After Petaluma voters passed a one-cent sales tax in 2020 (Measure U), Janice joined the fiscal oversight committee to ensure the money was spent as promised. She also was appointed to the city’s General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), helping embed her unparalleled knowledge of Petaluma into its framing document. 

Running for the Future

Janice wants to help maintain a high quality of life for all residents. She worries about the high cost of living in Petaluma, the scarcity of housing, and limited water supplies — and that her grandchildren could be the fifth and final generation who can afford to call Petaluma home.

With the city’s general plan update underway and the future of the fairgrounds uncertain, Janice knows that the city council candidates elected this year will determine how Petaluma grows over the next 20 years. 

With climate change upon us, Petaluma needs to be slashing emissions and preparing for fires, floods, earthquakes and sea level rise — not clinging to 50-year-old ideas that put the community at risk. 

This election is about Petaluma’s future. Yesterday’s thinking is not going to solve tomorrow’s challenges. 

Through her role on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) housing, transportation and open space subcommittees, Janice has been deeply assessing how to balance the multitude of challenges that the future holds. She will provide a steady hand to lead the city forward.

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