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If you are looking for the candidate who really knows the issues, Janice is for you. 


Traffic congestion impacts everyone in Petaluma and is our largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. For 30 years, Janice has been successfully advocating for real transportation solutions. Now, with billions of dollars of new funding available from the state and federal governments, there has never been a more important time to have a transportation champion like Janice on the city council.

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Responsible Growth

When done right, growth helps local businesses thrive; allows young families to get rooted in our community; provides affordable housing for seniors, veterans and service workers; and generates enough tax revenue to maintain infrastructure and city services. You can rely on Janice to promote policies and approve projects that are good for Petaluma.

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Public Spaces

Many of our prized features — the river, fairgrounds, historic Trestle, McNear baseball field — have been sorely neglected and basic amenities, like shade trees and picnic tables, are missing from parks. Having someone with Janice’s knowledge and passion for Petaluma will breathe new life into our public spaces.

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The situation at Steamer Landing showed us that we need a proactive and achievable strategy for addressing homelessness. The city has many promising efforts underway — the SAFE Team, tiny home pilot, $15 million grant to purchase and convert an old hotel, homeless action plan — but there is more work to be done. Janice is up for the challenge.

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Priorities for District 1

District 1 is the most diverse district in Petaluma. It includes both sides of town, the fairgrounds, the river and the Eastside SMART station, and, depending on where you live, traffic and/or flooding may be serious concerns. To be an effective representative for District 1, our councilmember needs to understand the full breadth of issues, as well as know how to navigate government to get things done. That person is Janice.

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